Colour correction and grading

I have colour corrected and graded many films; from corporate to music videos - 99% of footage needs to be corrected for white and black balance to achieve the best grey point.

These days its a simple process to apply a grade to the footage, most non linear editing software comes with built in grading filters or tools, these are easy to apply, but if you need that custom look, I'm happy to get involved and apply custom grading to selected or part of the frame.

Images should be always 360px wide. Here is a caption for this image, we can make it a really long text if we want to...

Please see the the links below for addional filming services:

Robert McGowan - Director of Photography and Lighting Cameraman, London.

I've been working out of London as a Director of Photography & Freelance D.O.P. / Lighting Cameraman for over 10 years.

I've been directing, lighting & filming, dramas, promo's and corporate videos for along time and have extensive experience in all sectors of the media production industry.

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